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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to start a farmers’ market in my area...how do I get started?
Starting a market is a significant undertaking.  We have a manual available through MFMA that provides a great deal of information on every aspect of running a farmers’ market.  The manual is available for $55 and can be mailed to you.  Contact us to order a copy or download the manual online.  You may also want to check out the resources available on our Education section.

would like to have a booth at a market, how do I get a space?
The MFMA does not run any of the member markets.  All of our markets are their own entities and have their own market managers and application process.  Please contact the market you are interested in directly.  You will find contact information for each of Our Markets on their market page.

I am looking for a particular market item; how do I find it?
You can either contact Our Markets in your area directly, or you can try an advanced search for it in Our Vendor list

I would like to get opinions from other market staff regarding a question or issue that I have; how do I reach them?
This is a great topic for the MFMA Forum. Once added you can send your question and connect with other market supporters.

I need to get insurance for my market or to participate at my market; who has affordable farmers’ market or vendor insurance? 
The Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association (MFMA) now has a low cost general liability insurance program available for MFMA member markets, and for the vendors belonging to those markets.  If you are a market, you will have the opportunity to purchase the general liability insurance for markets as you gain MFMA Membership or as you Renew MFMA Membership, or you may purchase the Market Insurance online or by mail at any time. If you are a vendor, participating at a MFMA member market, you may purchase the Vendor Insurance online or by mail at any time.

MFMA provides services, programs and leadership that support and promote farmers' markets across Minnesota.

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