Minnesota Farmers' Market Association 

Photo Winners of the 2019 National Farmers' Market Week!

Grand Prize

Photographer: Jamie Golberg

Market: Granite Falls Farmers’ Market, Granite Falls, Minnesota

Behind the lens: This photo was taken at the market located in the central part of this small town right next to the beautiful Minnesota River seen in the background. Pictured in the photo is David Haroldson of Asbury Produce with his great niece Ellery and great nephew Maddox. Dave educates and shares experiences with all market guests with advice on produce growing, cooking and recipe tips, and his genuine interest to all who visit his stand.

Why we love this photo:We love the quality and conformation of this photo. Well put together, Jamie has a serious eye for composition and produces great quality photos with subjects that are heartwarming and make you feel good. We love the message, the subjects, the produce-- we love this photo. 

2nd Place

Photographer:Vanessa Saunders

Market: West Broadway Farmers’ Market, North Minneapolis, Minnesota

Behind the lens: This market is located off the West Broadway strip where cars pass quickly from rush-hour, kids playing, and people passing on side-walks, stopping to enjoy the energy. The vibe is intimate yet vibrant, where neighbors come out to socialize, play games, dance to music and taste the food. Vanessa also has other great photos which will be featured by MFMA in the upcoming year on social media. She volunteers with promotional photography at community events for Appetite for Change, a community-led organization that strengthens families, creates economic prosperity, and encourages healthy living, and runs the West Broadway Market.

Why we love this photo: We love the dark lighting and the vibe of this photo. The photo showcases diversity and artistry well, showcasing a beautiful young woman of color supporting her community with her gifts and abilities. It is well framed, well focused, and interesting.

3rd Place

Photographer:Rich Kuzma

Market:Minneapolis Farmers’ market

Behind the lens:The photo is titled “Bean Quilt”. The photographer was attracted not only to the number and variety of beans on display but also how they were arranged and lined up like squares on a quilt.  

Why we love this photo:We love the color, textures, structure, and unique combination of complexity and simplicity of the composition. It just screams cool photo!

Honorable Mention

Photographer: Manda Hart Baldwin

Market: Lake City Farmers’ Market, Lake City, Minnesota

Why we love this photo:The subject, the dress, the shoes, we could go on and on... This photographer also had several amazing photos that we will highlight in the upcoming months, of unique, original photos. This photo is memorable and hugely smile-worthy.

Honorable Mention

Photographer:Katie Porter

Market: Eagan Marketfest

Behind the lens: Katie shot this photo of her 7 year old daughter overjoyed at the selection of flowers at the market. Naturally drawn to all things colorful, with a personality to match, the photo captured the girl’s sense of awe and wonder.

Why we love this photo:We love the stillness of the moment portrayed in this photo. It causes us to want to close OUR eyes and inhale deeply, and of course purchase the largest bouquet of flowers we can find at the market!

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